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Organization is Within Reach

 Easy-access filing systems
 Drawers and compartments
 Secure in-cab tool storage
 110 Volt Power Outlets
 12 Volt Power Outlets
 Rechargeable Flashlight
 Lockable storage options

News & Upcoming Events

Check out our 2014 prices for the CargoDeck. We were after increased cage strength - which we gained, but we also got the unexpected surprise that this production method is more cost effective. A better CargoDeck and the savings have been passed on to you!

March 5-7, 2014
The Work Truck Show
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
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May 7-8, 2014
Four Corners Oil & Gas Conference
McGee Park
Farmington, New Mexico
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The Most Innovative Storage Systems on the Market Today

In your on-the-go job, any tool that helps you to be safer and more organized will keep you performing at the top of your game. Stow expensive tools or manage important paperwork in the TruckOffice System the works best for you...or help us design the perfect job-specific custom product just for you!

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